Thank You

 The Playfields Initiative was made possible by broad community support. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this successful effort to give every San Francisco child a place to play.

Recreation and Parks

San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission

San Francisco Recreation & Parks

Phil Ginsburg, General Manager

Tokes Ajike

Ana Alvarez

Eric Andersen

Steve Castile

Steven Cismowski

Dawn Kamalanathan

Denny Kern


Dana Ketcham

Sarah Madland

Dan Mauer

Margaret McArthur

Larry McNesby

Bob Palacio        

Elton Pon

Rontonette Scott

Meghan Tiernan

James Wheeler


Nancy and Douglas Abbey

Linda Rosenberg Ach and Andrew Ach

Ellen Ahern

Kyle Anderson and Nancy Field

Sally and Gordon Atkinson

Barbary Coast Consulting

Janice and Matthew Barger

Nancy and Joachim Bechtle Foundation

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Frederick R. Benz 

Mark Berman

Stuart Berman 

William K. Bowes Foundation

Lynn Feintech and Anthony Bernhardt

Louise Fong and William Bonham

Su-Moon Paik and Robert Brown

Leslie and Buzz Burlock

Sheana and Lewis Butler

California Healthcare Foundation

Elizabeth and Clark Callander

Lycia Carmody

Stella Chen

Beth F. Cobert

Donald Collins 

James and Penny Coulter

David and Carla Crane

Marshall Cummings 

Andrew Cummins

Matthew Currie

Cathy and Sandy Dean

Kate Ditzler

Jack C. Doherty

Rebecca S. Draper

Dana and Bob Emery

Courtney Benoist and Jason Fish

Doris and Don Fisher

Laura and John Fisher

Randi and Bob Fisher

Sako and Bill Fisher


Richard Fried

Kathy and John Gardner 

Thomas Goddard

John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund

Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Kelly and Michael Halper

Susan Heller

The Hellman Family Foundation

Doris L. Hirsch

Susan Hirsch and Susan Leal 

Leslie and George Hume

Gina and Rich Kelley

Dana and Jim Ketcham

Meridee Moore and Kevin King

Claire and Stephen Kingsley

Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen

Laura and Michael Lazarus

Louis R. Lurie Foundation

Sophia Chang and Anson Lowe

Kristin and David MacKnight

Bradford F. Marks

Evelyn and Will Marks

Paul Matz and Jeremy Stone

Shanna McBurney

Nancy McCallister

Jay Miller

Jennifer Mills

Christina M. Gwatkin and Hamid R. Moghadam

Anna and Mason Morfit

James Morris

John D. Newman

Ellen and Walter Newman

Oberndorf Foundation

Olympic Club Foundation

Bernard and Barbro Osher



Nancy D. Payne

Kathleen Welsh and Bill Plautz

John Pickering

Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl

Cathy and Darren Presher

The John and Lisa Pritzker Family Fund

Project 28-9 (Grace Garcia)

Sheryl and James Reuben

Toni Rembe and Arthur Rock 

The Louise and Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Family Foundation

Robert M. Rosner

Jessica Roy

San Francisco Foundation (Community Action Fund)

San Francisco Vikings Soccer League

Maia Krache and Andrew Scoble

Bettina and Scott Setrakian

James and Sarah Shapiro

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Hilary Bates and Jerome Simon

John E. Smyth

Laura and Greg Spivy

The Sports Basement

Jane Spray

William C. Stegall

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Roselyne Swig

Robert Tanaka 

Paul Tenk

TomKat Foundation

Karen and Paul D. Travis

Jeff and Laurie Ubben

Eugene Valla

Karen Varnhagen

Maria and Matthias Wabl

Lynn and Peter Wendell

Flo Oy Wong

ZogSports San Francisco

Anonymous (6)

Community Partners, 2006 – 2016

Al Adams, Lick-Wilmerding High School

Yomi Agunbiade, SF Rec & Park

Dave Anderson, SF Evolution

Jared Blumenfeld, SF Rec & Park

Mara Brazer & Tami Kelly, Brazer Communications

London Breed, Melanie Green, African American Arts and Cultural Complex

Po Bronson, SF Youth Soccer

Tracy Brown, Mission Neighborhood Centers - Precita Valley Community Center

California Coastal Commission

Bill Carlin & Dwayne Justino, Community Alliance of Portola Silver Terrace

Janet Carter, Coaching Corps

Don Collins, San Francisco Unified School District

Rob Connolly, San Francisco Boys & Girls Club

Anne Crawford and the Seahawks, Police Activities League

Steve Currier, Outer Mission Residents Association

Linda D’Avirro, Crocker Amazon Park Advisory Committee

Jeanne Darrah, Parks, Recreation, Open Space Advisory Committee

Sarah Davis

Sheryl Davis & staff, Mo Magic

Nicole Derse & Jen Kwart, 50+1 Strategies LLC

Erris Edgerly, Brothers for Change

Sean Elsbernd, Deputy Staff Director for Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Scott Emblidge & Erin Reding, Moscone Emblidge & Otis LLP

Jim Emery & Victoria Wong, San Francisco Office of the City Attorney

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Carol Fong, Ulloa Elementary

Michael Funk, Beacon Centers

Michael Galardi, San Francisco Little League

Elizabeth Goldstein, SF Rec & Park

Jose Guzman, Mission Youth Soccer League

Eric Hansen, Supporter

Al Harris, Community Advocate

Linda Harte, Friends and Advocates of Crocker Amazon and Excelsior

Betty Hartog, Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association

Daniel Inocencio, San Francisco Police Activities League

Jamestown Community Center

Christy Johnston, Excelsior Action Group

Eric Katske & Lorena Melgarejo The San Francisco Organizing Project

Shalom Kimble, Boys & Girls Club, Vis Valley

La Fraternidad

Lacrosse for Life


Mayor Ed Lee

Ben Legere, San Francisco Youth Baseball League

Senator Mark Leno

Edgar Lopez, Department of Public Works

Jill Lounsbury & Dick Cross, San Francisco Nighthawks Soccer Team


Buffy & Pat Maguire

Steve Mancini & team

Eric Mar, District 1 Supervisor

Bridget and Jessie McCracken, Trash Mash-Up

Hydra Mendoza, Education Advisor to Mayor Gavin Newsom

Shelli Meneghetti, Viking Soccer

Jo Mestelle, Department of Children, Youth and Families, Rec Connect

Ilona Montoya & Carey Jones, California Youth Soccer Association, District 1

Guillermo Morales, Thurgood Marshall High School

Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco

Ric Olivas, California Soccer Association North

Tighe O’Sullivan, Pro-Am Beach Soccer

Tony Patch, Northern California Umpires Association

Nelson Pio, Jaime Arbona & the Pappy League

Pisces, Inc.

Libby Rappolt, San Francisco Vikings

Toby Rappolt, Sunset Soccer

Pam Rupright, SF Lacrosse Club

Red Rose Culinary Academy

Craig Salgado, Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

San Francisco Glens Soccer

San Francisco Parents for Public Schools

San Francisco Planning Department

San Francisco Riptide Lacrosse Club

Colin Schmidt & Emily Queliza, America Scores Bay Area

Andrew Solow


St. Peters Church

Verde Design, Inc.

Bobby Spider Webb, KPOO

David Wilkinson, Project Vega

Jack Wolf, Community College of San Francisco Softball Team

Lorraine Woodruff-Long, San Francisco Police Activities League

John Zwolinski, La Playa/Great Highway Neighborhood Watch